for detecting, tracking and neutralising drones


CTRL+SKY MOBILE is a unique multi-sensor and fully self-contained portable solution for detecting, tracking and neutralizing drones. It can be used to give the user automated drone awareness at public events, concerts, sporting and any outdoor events where drone activity is unwelcome. All sensors are mounted on tripods for an easy installation of the system in the areas of interest, in a quick and convenient way.


  • Portable, multi-sensor drone detection, identification and neutralization system
  • Integrated radar, acoustic, RF and vision sensors, as well as jammers
  • Power supply from the battery or generator allows for 24 hours non-stop operation
  • Mounting all the sensors on tripods provides mobility and allows quick installation of the system in the areas of interest



Dedicated, web-based application with an intuitive and user-friendly interface allowing to provide secure access for a defined users group from a PC, laptop or a mobile device.


  • Monitoring a defined airspace
  • Definition of protected area
  • Scalable, multi-module system
  • Integration of radar, acoustic, vision and RF sensors
  • Real-time event preview on OpenStreetMap or Google Maps
  • Indication of drone direction, height and speed
  • Tracking many targets to detect drone swarms
  • Archiving incidents data
  • SMS, email and system alerts
  • Open API for integration
  • Optional integration with automated jammer and communication neutralizer