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     PC50 Non-CBRN respiratory device

The Avon PC50 is based off the widely deployed C50™ and is designed and approved for use as a Non-CBRN respiratory device, providing protection in dangerous and contaminated environments, against certain solid and liquid respirable particles, gases, vapors and splashed of liquid chemicals. The PC50 was specifically developed for the targeted user groups that demand a robust, field proven, competitively priced military pedigree product that meets their operational needs.

  • Corrections Officers
  • Riot Control
  • Border Patrol
  • Plant Security
  • Non- CBRN requirements
  • Downward exhalation cover that prevents exhaled moist air from fogging helmet visors.
  • Six point, easy to adjust head harness that is comfortable to wearer over extended periods
  • Low profile design providing excellent integration with other protective equipment
  • Mask specifically designed for intended user groups