Potential threats caused by drones

Drones can be used for infiltration, spying, smuggling and terrorism.Drones are being used all around the world to commit attacks on different facilities.....more

HazMat Safety Training

In this chapter we explore the features, advantages and limitations of three HazMat training methods: Live Agent Training (LAT), Simulant Agent Training (SAT) and Simulator Training....more

Improving first responder radiation safety training

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service provides public safety information and prevention and protection programmes as well as emergency response cover for Mid and West Wales...more

Argon simulators bring realism to Bristol Police CBRN training

Argon Electronics’ range of CBRN response training simulators has brought a degree of realism that has significantly enhanced training at an exercise staged for police in the South West of the United Kingdom...more

Radiation accident response safety training - case study

Radiation. Don’t run away from it! Train to deal with it!...more