HazMat Investigation & Disposal Systems



The Valent Monica equipment is the first system to offer a complete solution for the investigation and disposal of CBW in conventional or improvised devices.
Utilising innovative technology it is the only equipment capable of invasively interrogating any device without leakage into the surrounding environment. One sealed penetration gives access for sampling, disposal or visual investigation – CBEOD has never been simpler.

100% Certainty
Most CBW threats will be deployed or stored in a sealed container but standard chemical agent monitors depend on an agent release into the environment for them to function. Non-invasive detection methods, such as neutron activation analysis will provide information on the elemental composition of materials but not direct evidence of their chemical structure. The only totally reliable technique for the analysis of the contents is to take a physical sample. Monica offers a field proven capability to sample and dispose of any chemical or biological threats, regardless of vessel without contaminating the environment.




A lightweight and compact system designed to empty and backflush munitions, IEDs and other hazardous containers. Simple to use it provides an essential capability for any CBRN/EOD team

Removal of Toxic Fills
In common with the Monica system, MATS is powered by compressed air and will rapidly and controllably decant even highly viscous fills from targets. The penetration used for sampling is utilised to pressurise the target which effectively blows out the agent into a sealed container.
Once the agent is removed, fully sealed decontamination of the device is possible without exposing operatives or their environment to the contents at any stage in the process. Decontaminant or other solutions may be introduced into, then removed, from the target any number of times until all the contents have been fully neutralised.


MIDAS MANUAL SAMPLING SYSTEM - Rapid Safe Sampling in the palm of your hand

No non-invasive technique can precisely establish the true chemical composition of the contents of a sealed container.
In order to provide sufficient information for appropriate action to be taken a physical sample is required. Valent’s Midas system gives users the ability to rapidly take a sample of the internal contents in a safe, reliable and leak free Applications include the sampling of suspected CW (chemical warfare) materials, TICs (toxic industrial chemicals) and other hazardous containers.

Easy to Use
The equipment is powered by a standard battery drill and consists of only 2 parts – the drill probe and a torque convertor – which easily fit in a pocket or pouch. Capable of penetrating targets with a wall thickness of up to 8mm, the cutter, can cope with metal (including stainless steel), plastic or wood. As it drills the system installs an integral seal which prevents leakage during and after drilling. The process is as simple as drilling with a normal drill bit. Once complete a sample can be drawn using a Valent syringe which ensures a leak free process. For fast analysis the barrel of the syringe is compatible with Raman spectroscopy equipment. The probe can be used for as many repeat samples as necessary.

The all-up weight of the system is under 100 grammes, with a total size of approximately 150 x 40mm when packed in its transport container.



Valent has developed a unique range of bags for the safe, fast containment of CBRN samples and other threats prior to transportation or disposal. Applications include the temporary storage of CW samples, contaminated equipment or small to medium CW munitions/IEDs.

The Material Facts
The Whiffy bags are constructed from M-PTFE [Modified PTFE], a material that is tear and abrasion resistant. In addition it has excellent chemical resistance to CW agents Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) and decontaminants. It does not absorb or is attacked by any known agent. The seams of each bag are ultrasonically welded and tested to ensure security.

No More Goose Necking!
No need for ‘goose necks’, ‘double bagging’ or complex sealing procedures. The Whiffy bags are
used in conjunction with rapid Clip n’ Seal closures which are easily applied, even when wearing protective gloves. Simply place the item in the bag and apply the seal to the top of the bag. For additional security the clips allow the placement of anti tamper tags at each end to ensure the sample cannot be interfered with.

All bags are forensically cleaned before leaving Valent’s facility to ensure robust evidential procedures. The bags come in two standard sizes and in 2 grades of material thickness. Other sizes are available on request.